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©All Rights Reserved 2005 -2015 CrossCrafter.com                                                                  Web-Print Solutions Most blessing crosses can be made into wall cross without handle. Email with your thoughts. Add a Corpus to your Cross for as low as $15.00 The use of any of the images of our crosses are prohibited unless linked back to this website Blessing cross budded 3 bar Blessing cross St. Nino Cross

Blessing cross budded 3 bar

Raised 3 bar,ICXC and edge

Approx 10” tall  6 inch w/ 4 in. handle dual stained

B1  $75.00

Blessing cross budded w/3 bar

Raised 3 bar cross

Approx 14” tall with 6 inch handle dual stained

B2    $85.00

Blessing Cross
approx 6
inches with 4" handle

can custom size

B3                   $65.00

Diamond Handle Blessing Cross

 7in w/ 5 in handle

Can custom size

B4       $85.00

Unique style blessing cross

7 inches with 5 inch handle

B5           $85.00

Fleur De Lys

blessing cross w/ corpus of Christ

9 inches with 4 inch handle

B24           $135.00

Russian Style Cross w.NIKA handle

7 inches with 5 inch handle

B30           $95.00

All handles can be customized, Please  request your handle at time of order Our Blessing Crosses

Russian Style  Pectoral Cross

P1           $125.00

Russian Style  Pectoral Cross

P4            $130.00

Pectoral Cross

P5           $135.00

Russian Style  Pectoral Cross

P6           $130.00

Pectoral Cross

P7          $135.00

Pectoral crosses are available for order.   Some are in stock, if not it may be up to  4 weeks to complete.

Russian Style silver and wood Pectoral Cross

Silver plated

P8           $145.00

Awarded Pectoral Cross

P9          $140.00